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Twitter Marketing Services Connect with Your Audience in Real-Time


Twitter allows you to engage your audience, generate new sales and be a part of trending conversations. We use advanced audience targeting and data insight through content, keyword and hashtag reporting, to create and deliver engaging content to your target customers. We elevate your brand voice and values by establishing and maintaining your Twitter channel as an industry leader, and communicate with users talking about you or looking for products and services you offer. We combine industry expertise to engage in the right moment and the right context through more than 350 interest categories to build brand authority.

Twitter Optimization Plans & Pricing

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    EUR 75.00/Month
    Twitter Marketing Services News Post - 4 per month 4 per month Blog Post with image 4 per month Image from website with #hashtag 4 per month BLog Post with image 4 per month Relevant retweets from following people 4 per month Blog Post with image 4 per month Total of 28 post per month

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