Owned Bank Draft Monetization

Owned Bank Draft Monetization

Service and Instrument Description:

Non Recourse Loan Monetization of Owned Bank Draft for the intention of Project Funding.


“Banksinstruments.com” will never attempt to accept any upfront fees for Monetization from the clients till the project is completed successfully. This is the agreement that is followed between the client and “Banksinstruments.com”.

We are ready to monetize and grant you a loan with a careful negotiations with our investors through Owned bank draft. This loan should be repaid, and once you end up with full settlement you’ll be able to enjoy low rates.

Per Bank Draft, there is 1 Monetization allowed

Bank SWIFT – Bank Draft will be delivered to the Bank using SWIFT MT110.

Bank Drafts has to come from  World Top 100 Banks with a minimum amount of 5 Million in USD, GBP, or EUR, and the maximum amount of 500 Million.

In our contracts, the Monetizer must switch the owned and issuing bank at least fifteen days before the draft expires. 

Monetization LTV: 

  • 65 % Rated Bank- Non Recourse Loan- Bank Draft Monetization

Note: 5% commission is paid out on all Non Recourse Loans.

How Long Does it Take?:

  • Up to two weeks after the paperwork is completed or a week after the instrument is SWIFT delivered.

Loan Disbursement:

  1. The loan is disbursed in 12 months.
  2. Once the MT-110 is authenticated, three weeks later 20 percent of the loan will be disbursed.
  3. A month after the original disbursement 20 percent more will be given.
  4. Finally, the last 60 percent of the loan will divide over the ten month period, and will occur monthly.


Brokers & Consultants:

  • Respected in the Industry
  • Larger Commissions 
  • You Won’t Be Just Another Broker in a Chain



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SWIFT Closing Process
  1. Once the contract is signed by both parties, the client directs their institution to send SWIFT MT110 to the monetizer’s bank.
  2. Once SWIFT MT110 is received, there only have a week to give the non recourse loan for the LTV.
  3. The Draft must be returned 15 days before the year is out on the contract.

Documents Required:

  1. Bank Instrument Monetization Application (Download Below)
  2. Fill Out Bank Instrument Monetization Application and email to: helpdesk@banksinstruments.com

Compliance Standard:

  1. Accepted: The Draft MUST be delivered by SWIFT and from a Rated Bank.
  2. Rejection: Forbidden Assets and Financial Instrument Providers List.

Non-Recourse Loan Disbursements Example (100 Million Euros Bank Draft):

Bank Draft face value: $100,000,000.00
Non-Recourse Loan disbursement (65%): $65,000,000.00
Loan commission fees (5%): $3,250,000.00

Total Loan Disbursement: $61,750,000.00

Example of Non-Recourse Loan Disbursement Schedule:

Non-Recourse Loan Disbursements Amount in Euros Date of Disbursements
Loan 1st Disbursement: €12,350,000.00 20% of the loan in 21 days after received and authentication of the MT760.
Loan 2nd Disbursement: €12,350,000.00 20% of the loan 30 days after the 1st disbursement.
Loan 3rd Disbursement: €3,705,000.00 30 days after the 2nd disbursement.
Loan 4th Disbursement: €3,705,000.00 30 days after the 3rd disbursement.
Loan 5th Disbursement: €3,705,000.00 30 days after the 4th disbursement.
Loan 6th Disbursement: €3,705,000.00 30 days after the 5th disbursement.
Loan 7th Disbursement: €3,705,000.00 30 days after the 6th disbursement.
Loan 8th Disbursement: €3,705,000.00 30 days after the 7th disbursement.
Loan 9th Disbursement: €3,705,000.00 30 days after the 8th disbursement.
Loan 10th Disbursement: €3,705,000.00 30 days after the 9th disbursement.
Loan 11th Disbursement: €3,705,000.00 30 days after the 10th disbursement.
Loan 12th Disbursement: €3,705,000.00 30 days after the 11th disbursement.

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