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    Creative In The Classroom.

    In today’s fast paced world, it is important that we integrate technology in our classrooms. This immensely helps children in adapting technology and gives them a way to learn in more interactive ways. The more renowned services nowadays are Glocster, Google Tour Creator, StoryMap, TextingStory and VoiceThread etc. If you are looking to adapt innovations to your classrooms, you are at the right place as we cover them all and by the end of it, you would know you are in good hands. And should you be looking to become more creative yourself or boost creativity in your team, we can help you with that too. We will guide you step by step through some of the more common creativity approaches that produce end results that are creative while helping learn along the way.

Plans & Pricing

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    EUR 495.00/One Time Fee
    Up to 5 total pages
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    Gold Web

    EUR 795.00/One Time Fee
    up to 10 total pages
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    EUR 1,495.00/One Time Fee
    up to 15 total pages

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